Make This: Evergreen Wreath


12-13-13 make this wreath

I now it’s been said by pretty much everyone I’ve run into the past week or so, but I still can’t believe that Christmas is right around the corner. It’s next week! Holy cow! I am happy to report that all my gifts are purchased, but I still have a few to make, and everything still needs to be wrapped up. That’s the easy part, in my opinion: the tricky part is assuring myself that I’ve got the right gifts for everyone in my life.

Still, the biggest wake-up call for me is decorating the house for the holiday. We brought home our tree on the first of December, but didn’t get anything up on it until this past Friday night. I would love to put some lights on the house, but I’ve admitted to myself that it just won’t happen this year. However, I was still determined to bring holiday cheer inside our home. We need decorations around the house to accompany the Christmas music we’re playing every night!

When we picked out our Christmas trees a few weeks ago, my parents took home extra boughs from trees that were trimmed at the bottom. I took home the spare boughs they didn’t use, and after sitting in my garage for a week I decided it was time to make a wreath. I love the smell of fresh pine, especially this time of year, and what better way to bring the outdoors to our home than utilizing what would be discarded as “waste”? 

12-14-13 green boughs

12-14-13 wreath on door 2

That’s how we ended up with a homemade wreath on our main door. It was a fairly simple project, but it took some time to fill it in nicely and get it looking right. I also didn’t have the proper tools (I used duct tape, but really could’ve used some floral wire). Continue reading


Our Home: New Front Walkway


11-17 our home walkway

I am going to try and keep the text to this post short, since I think the photos in this post speak volumes about how labor intensive this project was for us (and Sam’s dad, Fred). While I am making a mental note to share more about our 113-year-old farmhouse with the world (and all the renovations it’s undergone since we purchased it back in May of this year), there’s a LOT to cover in terms of the improvements we’ve done to the house we purchased.

Still, upgrading the front walkway was something we knew we wanted to do from the beginning. The old walkway was a flagstone path with some hob-knobby stairs, and the entire thing wasn’t placed on a solid foundation so that it buckled and slanted in all sorts of places. In short, it was a disaster. We actually pulled all the flagstone out of the path and had a dirt walkway for a while just because we couldn’t stand to look at the stone anymore. I don’t have a very good picture of what the house looked like when we bought it, but I will try and track it down.

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