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Greetings, all! Things have been busy around here, but with all good things: we have been working on unpacking more boxes since our move last month, and we started a new project in the front yard (tearing up the old path and laying down a new brick one). Even though the house is a ton of work, I am still so appreciative that we have our own home at last and can continue to make it everything we want it to be. Lots of love, lots of labor, and (unfortunately) quite a bit of cash, but we are building our dream every day and that’s what I’ve wanted my whole life.

I am working towards another dream, too: more designing. My goal some day would be to expand to work for real clients (i.e., people who pay me money to do what I enjoy), but for right now I’m testing the waters. Could I do graphic design as a profession? Would I want to sit in front of a computer all day tweaking layouts here and there? Am I a driven, independent worker who can make ends meet doing something that I love? These are all questions I am trying to answer by building a portfolio and looking for inspiration around me. It is tough for me to put myself out there and offer my services to people, but I am learning more about myself and what I want to do with every step and every project. I feel that I am moving forward, which is better than standing still and infinitely better than moving backwards.

Today, I wanted to share some designs I’ve been working on for two good friends (well, and their fiancés), Anna and Kellee. I am helping them with their wedding materials (mostly save-the-dates and invitations), and I couldn’t be more excited to work with both of them. They each have a different style and their weddings are pretty different–for starters, one is in winter and one is in summer–and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of trying to capture each couple in different ways. It’s been a test to my technical design skills, and I like that I’m designing things with entirely new content that will be used by someone for the most important day of their life…how cool is that?!

10-2-13 AandGSTDs

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