Weekend: Wild & Crazy Winter Weekend


12-16-13 wild and crazy weekendI’m sure that, for true winter enthusiasts out there, our weekend was decidedly not wild and crazy. However, Sam and I are both fairly new to winter sports (or I should say, I’m reintroducing myself to most winter sports I enjoyed as a kid), and we spent the majority of this past Saturday burning a lot of calories and exerting our minds and bodies more than most weekends in the winter.

Our morning started off with an early cross-country ski at the Vasa trail. We’ve gone out once already this season, but it was too icy and there wasn’t a good base layer to make it entirely enjoyable. It’s been snowing on-and-off for the past week now, and while there isn’t a ton of accumulation there is a nice coat of fluffy flakes all over everything. It’s absolutely beautiful outside up here in Traverse right now.

12-16-13 vasa trail

12-16-13 vasa pine trees

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Weekend: Picking Out Our Christmas Tree


12-9-13 picking out our tree

Hi, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well since I last posted. I took a bit of a hiatus last week to crank out a very exciting collaboration project with a friend and then recoup and rejuvenate post-Thanksgiving. Since it’s something I don’t do too often, I’ve been making a conscious effort to relax more (counterintuitive, right?), and the benefits are very rewarding. Sam and I  watched some movies, we ate out TWICE in one week, and I took some time to just read in bed before turning in for the night. I hope I can get used to this whole “relaxing” thing.

Still, exciting things are always happening: that’s what “everydaying” is all about. One of my favorite adventures of the past week was going to pick out and chop down our Christmas tree for this year!

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TC Scene: Old Mission Lighthouse


11-5-13 old mission introUp north, we have an abundance of fall color on the trees and (seemingly) few truly beautiful days to enjoy it. With the time change, it’s already dark when I get home from work so that means more morning runs to get some daylight and enjoying the outdoors on the weekends as much as possible. This past weekend was, as far as I can tell, the peak of color season on the Old Mission Peninsula where Sam and I live. The entire 18 miles out to the end of the peninsula were brimming with gorgeous colors and the weather was a crisp 40-50 degrees outside, making it absolutely ideal for some hiking adventures at the historic Old Mission Lighthouse. Plus, our friends Mark and Rachelle (and their little Yorkie, Tanner) were visiting, so we had every excuse to take them out into the wilderness.

11-5-13 off road11-5-13 into the woodsWhile there are lots of trails to hike on out at the lighthouse, few people know about the two-track dirt roads you can take straight out to the edge of East Bay. I was told these are called the “Fire Roads,” since back in the day they provided easy access to East Bay in case there was a fire in the area. I have no idea if that’s true or not, but it makes a good story. Plus, I am a sucker for off-road driving so I really look for any excuse to ride on them.

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Weekend: Halloween Party


11-3-13 halloween party

Hey, everyone! Sorry for being so quiet on here the last few days. I have been busy trying to build up some content, as well as hosting some friends at our house this weekend. It was a flurry of party prepping and cleaning, but it was incredibly productive in terms of unloading almost all our moving boxes and getting things put away into different places at the house. Hurrah!

Last Friday night we hosted our first party: a Halloween celebration complete with lots of food (read: sugary treats) and some fantastic costumes. I was all geeked about my caramel apple bar, but apparently not too many people wanted to eat as much sugar as I did and we have a boatload of caramel sauce sitting in our fridge now. There may be some ice cream sundaes in our future, but for now we are on a total sugar detox from such a thrilling and filling festivity. At least it looked great!

11-3-13 apple bar 2

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What I Learned at Our Wedding


Sam would be all too glad to point out that I’ve not blogged since August 30, a testament to how I’ve once again said I’d do something and yet then failed to do so. I, however, would like to use the excuse that we got eff-ing MARRIED, which took up quite a bit of time, energy, effort, and concentration. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that I gave all my time, energy, effort, and concentration to nothing other than the wedding for two weeks leading up to it. I don’t really think anyone can give me crap about that.

Plus, we are in our new house without internet (except during rare times like this, where somehow we can steal it from a friendly neighbor with an unsecured connection), which makes it very difficult to blog.

While I’d love to bore you all with the details from the wedding, I won’t do that at the moment. I think it deserves a few special posts summarizing different events and emotions from the weekend (if only for the sake of my own memory years down the road), but I’ll throw in some pretty pictures for the sake of appeasing and teasing my (lack of) audience.


(We don’t have our official pictures from our photographer yet, so all these come from the owners of our venue, Campobello Farm. How lucky we are to have so many different people capture our day!)

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