Weekend: Picking Out Our Christmas Tree


12-9-13 picking out our tree

Hi, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well since I last posted. I took a bit of a hiatus last week to crank out a very exciting collaboration project with a friend and then recoup and rejuvenate post-Thanksgiving. Since it’s something I don’t do too often, I’ve been making a conscious effort to relax more (counterintuitive, right?), and the benefits are very rewarding. Sam and I ¬†watched some movies, we ate out TWICE in one week, and I took some time to just read in bed before turning in for the night. I hope I can get used to this whole “relaxing” thing.

Still, exciting things are always happening: that’s what “everydaying” is all about. One of my favorite adventures of the past week was going to pick out and chop down our Christmas tree for this year!

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