Let’s Talk – Identity


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I’m learning that most fads and styles are just counter-styles of some other style, as though you are either an example of a particular style or some antithesis of that that style. Classic vs. Modern. Modern vs. Post-Modern. Grunge vs. Metal. Prep vs. Goth. Realism led to Impressionism led to Post-Impressionism. Sometimes life seems less about finding your own identity and more about deciding which societal identity you decide you want to imitate.

This all started when I really started delving deep into the identity of Lorde, one of my favorite artists right now. I mean, putting aside her age (which I think we are all obviously blown away by), the girl is straight-up talented. She gets it. She cuts through the BS injected into our bloodstreams by big brands, celebrities, Hollywood glamour…and it works. It reaches people, and we are suddenly thinking, “Yeah, girl! That’s it! We don’t need that materialistic stuff and pop music, because we’re rocking to our own jam.” Continue reading

Let’s Talk: Body Confidence


Let's Talk: Body Confidence

I read an article recently about the positive impact of a strong friendships between women (as opposed to the behind-the-back slandering that, unfortunately, most of us are guilty of doing). It made me think a lot about how an individual’s confidence with his/herself effects the way we treat others. From a personal perspective, I can feel when I’ve been around pessimistic “negative Nancies” for too long and my own thoughts start swaying towards “glass half empty.”

Honestly, it drives me crazy. I am a fairly optimistic and enthusiastic person, and I want to be perceived that way. When people talk about me–either to my face or behind my back–I want them to define me by my positive traits. I’ve realized that if that’s the case, I need to be positive and exude my true spirit and passion to the world. Continue reading