Hike Like – Hickory Hills


11-24-13 hickory hills

It’s officially happened: the first snow storm of the year. Though I know the snow upsets a lot of people, it’s a reality of living up north (and along the water), and it’s something I’ve learned to accept with open arms after how much cross-country skiing we did last winter. It’s hard to know if this snow will last, since it’s still pretty early for snow to stick, but we’ve been without a white–like, a really white–Christmas in longer than I care to remember. I am really hoping for a lot of snow this year (I may revoke that wish in April, but I feel it now).


IMG_2695We got almost a half foot of snow, which isn’t enough to go cross-country skiing but it’s just enough to make walking outside miserable unless you have good boots. Lucky for us, we have great hiking-in-snow boots and decided to take advantage of this by trekking the trails at one of our favorite local parks, Hickory Hills. We strapped on our boots, braved the icy roads and 30-mile-an-hour gusts of wind, and took my parents’ dog (Lance) on a long hike in the woods at Hickory. Hickory Hills also serves as a XC-ski and downhill ski park in the winter and a frisbee golfing course in the summer. It’s an incredible asset to have so close to downtown TC.


We were the only people around, and it was magical. My favorite thing about winter is the cozy solitude and peace I find in snow-covered forests and fields, when the world lies quiet after the bustle of summer. We let Lance enjoy being a dog and running whichever way he wanted, and we keep our heads up to take in the great sites all around us. It’s nice that winter is starting to act like winter instead of just teasing us with cold and rain without the beauty of snow.

IMG_2698Our fingers are crossed, hoping that the next time we visit Hickory Hills we’ll have our XC skis strapped to our feet and we’ll travel mile after mile of a vast wintery wonderful-land.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you celebrate all life’s joys with people that you love. We are running a 5 mile Turkey Trot race before joining my family and Sam’s parents for a classic feast. I can’t wait!

– m.s.

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