Weekend: Halloween Party


11-3-13 halloween party

Hey, everyone! Sorry for being so quiet on here the last few days. I have been busy trying to build up some content, as well as hosting some friends at our house this weekend. It was a flurry of party prepping and cleaning, but it was incredibly productive in terms of unloading almost all our moving boxes and getting things put away into different places at the house. Hurrah!

Last Friday night we hosted our first party: a Halloween celebration complete with lots of food (read: sugary treats) and some fantastic costumes. I was all geeked about my caramel apple bar, but apparently not too many people wanted to eat as much sugar as I did and we have a boatload of caramel sauce sitting in our fridge now. There may be some ice cream sundaes in our future, but for now we are on a total sugar detox from such a thrilling and filling festivity. At least it looked great!

11-3-13 apple bar 2

11-3-13 coconutI love the way coconut looks. Plus, it’s delicious!

11-3-13 walnuts11-3-13 apple bar 1

Even though creating the caramel apple bar was a very time-consuming thing to sort out (and even harder to try and not forget any ingredients when grocery shopping), it was a lot of fun. I also used this recipe to make some Kool-Aid candied popcorn…the red is sort of creepy-Halloweeny, isn’t it?

11-3-13 candied popcorn

We had some other food, too (I got to use our sweet slate cheese board finally!), and we served warm apple cider that people could add their own spiked rum to and make a lovely autumn drink. Our friend Evan made a s’mores roasting pumpkin, which was super creative! I will need to experiment more with this next year…

11-3-13 cheese 11-3-13 spiked rum11-3-13 smores pumpkin

The best thing about the party, without a doubt, was all the great costumes our friends wore. I was incredibly impressed! We held a costume contest and the winner was our friend Nick, who came as Lloyd Christmas (a la “Dumb and Dumber”) from this scene in the movie. Needless to say, he pulled it off VERY well (sorry, Nick, for not actually having a picture of your face).

11-3-13 halloween nick

A couple of my favorite couples costumes:

11-3-13 halloween chris molly 11-3-13 halloween evan and elise

The winner of the costume contest (Nick) got the first few swings at our Pikachu piñata, which was also a huge hit (pun?) despite being held in our creepy basement. My friend Cam, who won second place in the costume contest for his treasure chest costume (accompanying his girlfriend’s pirate costume), was really funny to watch try to hit the piñata. His costume cracked me up whenever I look at him.

11-3-13 pinata

So, that was the gist of the party. We were happy to host it and hope to have another holiday-themed party sometime soon! I found myself really enjoying Halloween this year, and I think the anticipation of this party coupled with having a house to decorate was the perfect combo to make it so enjoyable. It’s amazing to see what creative things people come up with for Halloween, and it was great to host all those people at our house so that people had to go all-out with costuming (I tell you what, when you advertise a prize for the best costume, people DELIVER). What did you dress up as for Halloween? Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of me in my Misty costume, but there’s always next year. I hope you had a happy Halloween!


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