Mo’ Thoughts – Morning Routines


10-13-13 morning routines

Lately, I’ve been straight-up imagining the morning routines of people that I totally can’t even come close to imagining, and try to visualize what they’re doing or seeing without even having an inkling of where they are. Some mornings it’s George Clooney, other mornings Kate Middleton, or just some random person who slips into my mind. Maybe it’s the extravagance and mystery of their lives that makes it so much fun to pretend that I am them, seeing the world the way they see it, trying to figure out if they are the people in private that we see in public. What kind of coffee mug do they use? Do they make toast? Juice? Are they in pajamas? What’s the pace of their morning? In my mind, I walk through their morning the way they see it.

10-13-13 mug 1

The person I spend the most amount of time imagining I am, for whatever reason, is Justin Timberlake. I think it’s because he’s spent so much of his life in the limelight and he always seems so comfortable with himself and confident in everything he does that I believe the person I see is who he really is. He just seems like a very genuine, sensitive, intuitive person; I have always been fascinated with him (although what girl who grew up in the late 90s isn’t?), and I just feel like I know who he is. I know, it is total bull, but it is a lot of fun and a creative test.

10-13-13 mug 2

First, I try to think of where JT is in the world. On tour? At home? Does he have servants around him or is it just him and his beautiful wife? What’s he wearing? (Does he look as good in boxers as I dream about?!)? Once I get the place figured out, I think about the space itself. I visualize Justin in his home a lot, which I imagine in sunny California, and his kitchen is warm, white, and full of home-y-ness and comfort. He seems like the kind of person who wants to make his own breakfast, pour his own coffee, sit at a breakfast bar to take it all in. He reads a newspaper, not his phone. He brushes his teeth after breakfast. He likes toast, butter only. Orange juice. Some scrambled eggs. He’s an earlier riser, and he takes his time when possible, mentally running through his day but not in a way that stresses him out, just to reflect on it and turn it over so he knows what’s ahead. At least, you know, this is the vision I imagine in my mind.

10-13-13 mug 3

I have no idea why I do this. Really, I know, it’s very strange. But I think it stems from this fascination with the morning routine and how it is different to everyone, and yet so critical to making a day whole. If my routine is completed, I start out on the right foot and it sets a good mood for my day.

10-13-13 mug 4

My perfect routine starts the night before. I need at least 7, ideally 8 hours of precious sleep. Waking up is easier that way, so I practically pop up, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and get a workout in. A run outside is my preferred method right now, but sometimes I’ll head to the gym. After working out I take a shower, change, load up my backpack and pack the lunch (I pick out my work clothes the night before and set out my entire lunch so it’s easy to get out the door), then hope on my bike and head to work. I eat cereal at my desk while checking my bloglovin feed and emails, then make a cup of tea and settle into my work day. For whatever reason, this is the routine that makes me feel good and satisfied; this is what I’ve settled into. It formed organically, and I do feel at my absolute best when all these pieces fall into place. Weekend morning routines are rarely routines, and maybe that’s what makes the weekend so savorable…they are totally up-in-the-air and we can do whatever we’d like…but I do find that a routine helps set me in the right mindset for the work day. My ideal weekend morning routine is probably similar to the one above, minus anything involving a computer.

10-13-13 mug 5

But it’s not your routine, and you probably don’t do any of these same things or in this order. You’ve got your own mojo and you know what your perfect morning feels like and looks like, and the way it shapes your day.

The core thing to consider, though is this: Does your ideal routine look like the routine you actually have every morning, or is it the polar opposite? I find that I can get my ideal routine every once in a while, but it’s not as often as I wish it was. Often it’s the result of sleeping in or deciding to skip a workout, and in the winter it’s pretty impossible for me to ride my bike (hills and ice scare me away). Sometimes I wish there was a tweak to my routine: it’d be nice to write in the morning, or draw some doodles to wake up my brain, but I also understand that my internal clock finds it difficult to wake up much earlier than 6:30 or 7 a.m. so I’m not sure this is a change that’s going to happen very easily, if at all.

10-13-13 mug 6

Do you have a routine every morning that you love? Do you have one that you hate? If you’re not happy with your current routine or would like to do something different in the morning, what do you need to change to build a routine that feels right to you? You know what needs to be done to get there, but are you willing to implement the changes that will help you better your day? Think about it, and take some action. A good foundation sets you up for a fantastic day.

10-13-13 mug done

And remember, even routines are meant to be broken. Just because it’s a routine, it doesn’t mean it’s what you need to do every single day. Take some time and try new things, too!

Have a good morning, my friends.


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