Design – A&G and K&R


Greetings, all! Things have been busy around here, but with all good things: we have been working on unpacking more boxes since our move last month, and we started a new project in the front yard (tearing up the old path and laying down a new brick one). Even though the house is a ton of work, I am still so appreciative that we have our own home at last and can continue to make it everything we want it to be. Lots of love, lots of labor, and (unfortunately) quite a bit of cash, but we are building our dream every day and that’s what I’ve wanted my whole life.

I am working towards another dream, too: more designing. My goal some day would be to expand to work for real clients (i.e., people who pay me money to do what I enjoy), but for right now I’m testing the waters. Could I do graphic design as a profession? Would I want to sit in front of a computer all day tweaking layouts here and there? Am I a driven, independent worker who can make ends meet doing something that I love? These are all questions I am trying to answer by building a portfolio and looking for inspiration around me. It is tough for me to put myself out there and offer my services to people, but I am learning more about myself and what I want to do with every step and every project. I feel that I am moving forward, which is better than standing still and infinitely better than moving backwards.

Today, I wanted to share some designs I’ve been working on for two good friends (well, and their fiancés), Anna and Kellee. I am helping them with their wedding materials (mostly save-the-dates and invitations), and I couldn’t be more excited to work with both of them. They each have a different style and their weddings are pretty different–for starters, one is in winter and one is in summer–and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of trying to capture each couple in different ways. It’s been a test to my technical design skills, and I like that I’m designing things with entirely new content that will be used by someone for the most important day of their life…how cool is that?!

10-2-13 AandGSTDs

Anna is one of the sweetest, kindest people I’ve ever met (so while I’ve never met Galen, I can only assume he’s exactly the same way). She is honest, sincere, and truly just shines with positiveness. I knew that when she agreed to work with me, I would need to convey they combined sweetness as a couple. The emphasis of their winter wedding is that it must be fun (that’s Galen’s contribution) and also romantic (Anna’s request). I decided to use Honey Script to keep the classic feel, but also let their guests know that this is a fun affair and will have as much personality as the two of them! Their colors are purple and electric blue, but it was hard to get the right blue to overlay on top of the green grass so it ended up being a bit more teal than we anticipated when it printed. Still, the bride-and-groom-to-be were happy with the final product, which makes me a happy designer!

10-2-13 KandR

Working with Kellee and Ryan has allowed me to design for a style totally different from my own wedding, which I love. To me, Kellee is a fun, free-spirited person with a strong sense of style and an exuberant personality. In all the email communication I’ve had back and forth with her during the design process, her excitement for marrying Ryan and planning their wedding has made me so happy! She is one of those brides who has a ton of ideas about what she wants her wedding to be like and feel like (and the expansive Pinterest board to prove it), but without a lot of concrete details about how to achieve that “feeling” of her wedding (I know this well, because I was the exact same kind of bride). In a way, this is my favorite kind of bride. Kellee always has new ideas or some new piece of inspiration, and she isn’t afraid to try something different from what she originally thought…but she definitely knows what she likes, which is incredibly helpful from a design perspective.

She approached me with a photo of the exact invitation she was hoping I could help her replicate. While the design she chose was very hip and elegant (see the second design, but picture it with a gold leaf chevron), I am incapable of gold-leafing anything and it’d take a pretty penny to make that happen. I branched out to a different design after seeing some of her moodboards on Pinterest and tried to come up with something that she’d like:  bold color scheme with enough neutrals to balance it out, and an homage to the trendy ombre style while still maintaining a timeless sophistication. I was truly ecstatic when she chose my tweaked design over the one she originally placed in front of me…what an honor!

I still have to tweak these designs a bit more and put the correct information on them (you didn’t think I’d like you crash their weddings, did you?), but the bulk of the work is done. A few finishing touches, and we’ll have some happy brides! I can’t wait to continue working with both these ladies on their materials and helping them have the weddings of their dreams…they deserve it.


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