A better way to eat your apple a day


Well, folks, there’s no denying the plethora of apples already this fall. We picked up a whole peck of honeycrisp apples at the market this past Saturday and I am in pure apple heaven. Apples are my favorite fruit, and I strive to have one a day (or these time of year, two or three day) because I simply can’t get enough of them.

9-23-13 apple 9-23-13 apples

Still, with all my apple-eating expertise, it turns out that I’ve been eating apples wrong my entire life. I remember my freshman year in college when I learned how to properly eat a banana (peeling from the bottom, not the top where they bind together in bunches) and I’ve eaten bananas that way ever since. No more squishy parts from peeling at the top of the banana! What a revelation! However, I was never expecting someone to tell me I eat apples the wrong way, as I consider myself an expert in consuming apples. Turns out, though, there is a better way to eat an apple that minimizes food waste and allows the apple-enjoyer to get more apple for their money.

This method of eating apples mimics the bottom-to-top banana-eating method, and if you get an apple without a stem, this is completely zero-waste way to eat an apple. I’m sure it goes without saying, then, that you will be eating the seeds and core of the apple (I admit that if it’s possible for me to spit out the seeds, I do). But unlike eating all the way around the core and then trying to eat the core, the bottom-to-top method means that you eat the “meat” of the apple along with the core, so eating the core isn’t at all weird and unenjoyable. The seeds actually add a nice little “crunch” surprise that isn’t as annoying as you may think.

Check out this video to learn more about minimizing your apple waste and eating more off every apple:

We’ve taken to eating apples this way in our home because we believe in living as much of a zero-waste lifestyle as possible. We still need to start a compost bin at our new home and work on other waste-reduction strategies, but changing the way we think about apples–and the way we eat them, for that matter–is one step forward. It’s amazing how something as small as eating an apple in a new way can make in impact: it’s a really great feeling to have nothing to throw away but sometimes a stem and a few stray seeds after eating an apple. Give it a go, and change the way you see an everyday food!


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