What I Learned at Our Wedding


Sam would be all too glad to point out that I’ve not blogged since August 30, a testament to how I’ve once again said I’d do something and yet then failed to do so. I, however, would like to use the excuse that we got eff-ing MARRIED, which took up quite a bit of time, energy, effort, and concentration. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that I gave all my time, energy, effort, and concentration to nothing other than the wedding for two weeks leading up to it. I don’t really think anyone can give me crap about that.

Plus, we are in our new house without internet (except during rare times like this, where somehow we can steal it from a friendly neighbor with an unsecured connection), which makes it very difficult to blog.

While I’d love to bore you all with the details from the wedding, I won’t do that at the moment. I think it deserves a few special posts summarizing different events and emotions from the weekend (if only for the sake of my own memory years down the road), but I’ll throw in some pretty pictures for the sake of appeasing and teasing my (lack of) audience.


(We don’t have our official pictures from our photographer yet, so all these come from the owners of our venue, Campobello Farm. How lucky we are to have so many different people capture our day!)

What I will say about the wedding is this:

I am a planner. Some non-planners may say that I plan things to death, but I don’t think a true planner would feel that is possible. Still, even I admit that we planned this wedding to death.

And, after all that planning, we still didn’t stick to the schedule. You know what happened? The entire day was perfect.

My favorite thing about the wedding is that even though we created an environment structured around our love, good food, great music, delicious dessert, pretty Pinterest-inspired elements, and a gorgeous setting, the people that were there gave the entire thing life. The whole day was a beautiful, organic experience that existed only because of the people who were there to share it and came to celebrate with us. Without everyone there, the day couldn’t be what it was, or even a hundredth of what it was. It was the love of our family and friends that made our love valid and real.


The magnitude of love and support we received from everyone present absolutely floored me. As pretty as the pictures look, or as tasty as the food was, or even how the whole day went off without a single mishap or error the entire time, the cornerstone of our entire wedding was having the people we love most in the whole world there with us to witness it.

Honestly, I was not anticipating the immensity of all this love from our family and friends to impact Sam and I so much, or fill us with so much joy. But, then again, love is never something you can plan…and that is what makes it so beautiful.


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