The Rebirth of the Blog


An interesting realization struck me today at work: I am not totally happy with my life all the time.

Ok, perhaps this seems like the norm, but I don’t personally think it needs to be this way. You see, there is a difference between “not being totally happy with my life all the time” and “envying the lives of other people who seem to lead more meaningful and interesting lives than my own.” I should clarify that I actually felt more like the latter, though I don’t like to admit it.

I fell into the dangerous world of the blogosphere today at work, and I found it hard to pull myself back out all day. I felt guilty sneaking peeks at blogs when I was supposed to be doing, you know, my real job, but I couldn’t help it. It seems the people in the world of blogs live these very rich, incredibly unique and wholly satisfying lives and my life is just…my life. They have all these cute clothes and picture-perfect smiles and delicious-looking, homemade-organic-garden-fresh meals every day (the pictures certainly don’t help my jealousy).

“Why isn’t my life like that?” I thought. “Why don’t I feel and have what these people post on the internet every day?”

Of course, I recognize that I had (have?) the total wrong outlook on this whole situation. Do these people work their asses off to produce these blogs? Of course they do. Are these people magically granted another two or three hours of their day that I just don’t have? Of course not. They just make the time and dedicate themselves to their work t produce a product they are proud to share with the world, and because they are proud of what they do, the lives they lead, the food they make, the workouts they do, the art they design, the Instagram photos they take, the clothes they sew…and because they cherish and share and embraace the work they do, people care about these blogs. The moral here? If you are passionate about something, someone else will recognize your passion and latch on to it, because people with passion for what they do are awesome and addicting characters. The world needs more passionate people, and I want to be one of these role models. I want someone who sees me on the street to think, “Wow, that girl has a glow about her.” I want my spirit to show through all the crap and clutter of this world, and I want to do it by embracing the life I’m living instead of becoming something I’m not.

My answer was to make my own blog, and this is it. This is the rebeginning of my world of blogging (more on that later). Why today? Why November 14, 2012? For absolutely no reason at all, other than this is what I must do and this is the day I must do it. That is what everydaying is all about.

Everydaying is my new mantra, my way to look at life:

Everydaying is the art of appreciating everything I have and not envying those who have something I want. If I want something, I am going to work hard to get it. It’s stupid to be jealous of someone when I just sit around and don’t work for it. Time to start working to get the things I want.

Everydaying means I will carve a life for myself out of what I am given, and not wishing or searching for things that won’t come to me in due time. This means the day I am given is the one I have, and I can’t spend it wishing I was doing something else or living someone else’s life. The life I have is fucking awesome, and I’m going to start sharing that life with others (including the cynic in my mind) in order to catalog the wonderful things I have in my life.

Everydaying means acknowledging the beautiful things around me all the time and searching out the best parts of the worst scenarios. My biggest everyday battle is rediscovering what I love about my hometown, which I moved back to immediately after graduating college. I always thought I’d be somewhere else, living an interesting life with good people, good food, and cool places to visit. The fact is, I do live in a place that has all those things, plus much more. The hard part is seeing that all the time, because when I look around, I mostly just see my town the same way I’ve see it for 23 years of my life. It’s not a bad town at all; it’s actually a really, really, incredibly fantastic town. My problem is that I can’t see that all the time. My goal is to start seeing it all the time. My solution is everydaying. It is my religion without the religiousness.

Everydaying is a noun, a verb, an adjective, a dogma, an outlook, a totally made-up word. But, most importantly, everydaying is a holistic idea that encompasses the optimism and satisfaction that I want to have present in my heart and mind all the time. This is the first day I dedicate myself to everydaying and to living the life I already have to its fullest and most beautifulist (also a made up word). Let it begin.


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